We are devoted to increasing representation across ethnicity, gender, faith, and sexuality in the entertainment industry, not only in the content we create but also in the crew that we have hired.  We believe that a story about the most diverse square mile in the United States should be told by a crew of similarly diverse individuals. Our Producer/Director is a woman; our DP is multiracial African American; and our Assistant Director is a woman from India.  Within our small crew, we have representation from 7 different nationalities, over 14 languages are spoken, and we are a majority female team. Through our workforce development program, we have hired and trained aspiring filmmakers in the Clarkston community (many are refugees themselves) and are equipping them for careers in the booming Atlanta film industry.  



Executive Producers


Spanx by Sara Blakely Foundation, Nina and Ken Botsford

Contributing Producers

Mara Burros-Sandler, Heather and Paul Dennison, Brenda Levin

Production Advisor

Richard Griffiths

Story Consultant

Kim Snyder

Legal Counsel

Daniel Huynh, Alston & Bird

Production Accountant

Cheryl Jenkins

Camera Operators

Janey Fugate, Katie Hawkins, Zac Holben, Katrina Sorrento, Sarah Walker

Assistant Editors

Thomas Calella, Stephanie Zinnes, Janna Kay Swanson

Field Audio Mixers

Nikki Dengel, Ace Harney, Matt Schultz

Associate Producers

Elise Conroy, Janey Fugate, Hallie Hartley, Alison Sheldon, Joanie Twersky

Still Photographers

Lucy Brewer, Tomesha Faxio, Paige Gradishar, Kelley Sue Hardin, Julia Merrill, Pouya Ramezani

Production Assistants

Abdulkadir Mohamed, Kato Dsenabulya, Dani Cummings, Lizzy Kell, Francois Mub, Ronen Schechter, Henry Schunk, Monire Ramezani


Clara Brown, Lydia Fiyori, Sarah Elizabeth Payne, Tiffany Turner, Hayley Solomon, Victoria Griffiths


Amplio Foundation

Helen Ballard

Richmond Bernhardt

Dalton & Jon Blankenship

Ross Blankenship

Ginny & Charles Brewer

Joanna & Stuart Brown

Julia & Evan Carter


Elizabeth Cleveland

Gregg & Jeff Foxworthy

Charlotte & Alex Getz

Kristin & Jim Howard

Mary Stuart & Joel Iverson

Mitch Jacoby

Toy Johnson

Kairos Church

Pinewood Atlanta

Southern Documentary Fund

Jeff Tucker

Laurel & Tony Werner

Studie & Zach Young


Richard Arlook

Pamela M Battey

Wendy Binns

Stephanie Bronson

Lynn Brooks

Lucinda S Chapman

Julia Churchill

Jessica Conroy

Barbara Conroy

Tyler Courtney

Linda & Rick Davis

Linda Davis

David East

Andrea Eaves

Maureen N. Fernandez

Kelly Pattillo & Rob  Field

Lucy Fugate

Square Mile Gallery

Kitty & David Hartley

Troy Davis Harwell

Sally Hawn

David Hughes

Betty Hulse

Eleanor Huynh

Davar Irvani

M Cole Jones

Grant Keeney

Lansing Lee

Andrea Lee-Zucker

Amanda Lipp

Chris Lynn

Edward Mahon

Scott McGhee

Lynne Merrell

Nancy N. Miller

Bianca Moreno

Jacqueline Moxam

Jeannette G. Nagel

Julia Olsen

Diane & Walter Orenstein

Denise Poole

Nancy C. Prager

Silviu Raducu

Conrad Rafield

Grant Rafield

Pinali Realtors

Mazi Robinson

Kelly Rodts

Mary Scheible

Clark Seydel

Becca Shepherd

JoAnn Shine

Elizabeth Simons

William Sinclair

Kelsey Smith

Ed & Val Spencer

Susan Spratt

Kathy Steele

Stephen Tellis

A'Riel Tinter

Patricia A. Tuff

Chris & Rachel Tullis

Clay Walk

Kathleen Walker

Michelle Woo

Zach & Hilary Young

Religious Freedom and Business Foundation